Sun has got his hat on!!

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Sun has got his hat on!! – must be time to repair the sunroof.

Another challenge for the workshop, a lovely Oxford Green, 8 Series, BMW 840 where the Sunroof was simply not working – no movement or tilt back or forward.

Just checked to make sure the battery power is all good – easy mistake! Time to do things the old fashioned manual way removing the panel in the roof by the operating switch. Inside there is a small female hex winder, turn this and you should see the roof move – as ever we had to be careful as it was reasonably tight – too much pressure and we would have broken the winding gear.

After winding back the inside panel to about eight inches or so, enough to get your hands on to the two release catches (one on each side), we managed to disengage the inner fabric sliding panel – enabling to push this back out of the way.

After some contortions that a Circus performer would be proud of, the winding gear was exposed. As ever, general problems occur when things seize up through lack of use and as a consequence the winding gear breaks and becomes out of alignment. The danger areas that are keeping us focused are the fragile and expensive parts!

Now time to remove the sunroof’s metal panel lid – sliding back the inner panel then removing the six Torx T20 bolts, taking time to mark their position as these little fellars set the park height of the metal panel. Once these are undone off with the lid which is surprisingly heavy – sometimes there is no replacement for brawn so had to ask for a helper on the opposite side – then have tea and biscuits!!

You can tell it is summer as this is the second Sunroof we have had to do in two days – the first one needing a replacement worm drive to the motor itself.

After another busy day and for the owner, more happy motoring in that beautiful green BMW 8 Series 840 – let’s hope the good weather lasts!

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