Trimming Time

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In the workshop this afternoon we had the pleasure of triming the drivers side bolster and thigh support on a lovely BMW  8 Series, 850ci – Black with Silver trim……very nice.

The Driver’s seat was particularly bad with a hole the size of an orange in the thigh bolster whilst the side support was also very torn – a Mouse the size of a small pony must have bee nibbling on this seat.

This 8 Series German Fräulein needed three new panels – two on the thigh support and one on the back support – with colouring to standard, to effect the correct balance of the leather.

Anxious not to keep the ‘lady’ with her torn clothes any longer than necessary, we proceeded to take out the front seats.  I then removed the seat and back rest from the frame – this can be very fiddly as there are millions [ok an exaggeration!] of small clips and a few micro switches to watch out for – always good if you draw a plan of where all the block connectors go plus all the clips.   When we have removed the seat and back rest jackets, new leather was stitched in plus additional foam to fill out the supports and give extra ‘plumpness’.

The finished effect and overal uplift to the interior was wonderful  – just like new. Now this lady has her new clothes, she can ‘go to the ball’ with us being rather like proud parents.

Tea and biscuits anyone??

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