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Apologies to everyone who has so kindly read and commented on my previous blogs.

I know it looks like I must have been having excessive tea and toast beaks and chosen not to hammer away that the PC but in truth we have been snowed under with work and I am only just able to see space in the work shop and relax a bit.

For any one who is interested, I set out below a list of the jobs that we have down since my last blog.

If anyone wants more details about any of these projects, just say and I will write something up.

In the meantime, I am about to submit a new blog about the recent “Limp Home Mode BMW V12”.

I look forward to your comments.

Best wishes, Chris

  1. Engine rebuild on a BMW 850 CSI
  2. Engine rebuild on a V12 850 CS
  3. Engine Misfire on a V12 850
  4. BMW 8 Series Interior re-trim; new carpets, seats panels, re-colouring & head lining, etc
  5. Injector replacing / testing on a V8
  6. Intake manifold air leak on a BMW 840
  7. Vacuum testing on a BMW V12 (intake)
  8. Exhaust removal from a BMW 840
  9. Window alignment (driver / passenger) on a BMW 8 Series
  10. Head gaskets change on a BMW V12
  11. Bonnet cable change on an 8 Series
  12. Rear end drif issues on a BMW 850 CSI
  13. Non starting CSI V12
  14. Overheating BMW V12
  15. Wheel wobble on a BMW 8 Series
  16. Removal of Roof card
  17. Checking engine oil on a BMW 840
  18. Rear blind problems on an 8 Series
  19. Steering column not working on a BMW 840
  20. Instrument cluster not working on a BMW 8 Series
  21. Door latch not working on an 8 Series
  22. BMW CSI nose cone fitting
  23. Swapping a BMW 750 (5.4) engine into a BMW 850 – engine strip & rebuild
  24. BMW V8 engine misfire
  25. Shock absorber top mounts renew on a BMW 8 Series
  26. Coil spring removal (rear) on an 8 Series
  27. BMW 8 Series CSI differential coil cooler – removal and replace
  28. Bleeding brakes on a Brembo set and a standard BMW brake set
  29. Jump starting a BMW 840
  30. Fuel leaks on a BMW 840
  31. Fuel filter change on a V12 850
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