mass air flow meter

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Today’s four wheel challenge was principally a BMW 850 E31 with what turned out to be a mass air flow meter problem.

As she came in running on only six cylinders in the 850 limp home mode. The reason that this is a challenge is because there can be quite a few things which may have contributed to the rough running of the V12 – these big BMW engines should always be very smooth and dead flat- anything less and they is definitely something wrong.
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BMW 8 Series

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It’s a good job we had Sunday off to relax as Monday has started with things being really busy. The first project today was a Timing cover oil leak – E31 on a BMW 8 Series 840. Having commenced the strip down of this V8 to resolve timing cover oil leak, we removed front pulleys including all belts and of course the crankshaft nut which is super tight at over 400 Nm!
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Welcome to Chris Burton Performance Cars

aston-martin Specialist servicing and repairs for high performance cars such as BMW 8 Series, Aston Martin, Mercedes and Range Rover.
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